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it's been awhile since your last update log will there be another one soon so we know how far the game is to finishing?

aaaa its so cute <3333 also i adore ash <3

This story is really good, also I'm impressed with how interactive/big this demo was compared to Monster Sweethearts! Keep up the good work!

Are you still working on it? :)


Yeah, I am, But college has been taking up a lot of my time so it's on an on and off again hiatus, along with other projects I'm working on but slowly and steadily it's getting there :)

How do i actually get into the game?

If you're on windows then you have to download the app to run some games. Once it's downloaded just go into the app and search the game you want and select "launch". Idk if this works on any other computers or platforms tho.


Alright I just started the game (it's really cool ! Love it, I'm doing the Monroe route rn, she reminds me of Toriel from Undertale ^^) but I had to ask : are your games inspired by Nitro+CHIRALs games ? Cause, the headaches and capacibility to "read minds" in this game (like in DRAMATical Murder), and the instinct/reason system, like in Sweet Pool if I remember well... Heck, I might be reading too much into this but I wanna know...

maybe, I have never played those games, but to get inspo I remember going through the visual novel tag on Tumblr getting inspo from tons of different visual novels. this was back in 2019 so I could've seen a post on Tumblr and went that's so cool I'm going to do that. but I wasn't directly inspired, the only one I can say I was directly inspired from was saya no uta(if you played it amiras hallucinations were inspired from this), which looking into is a nitro plus game lol but those others I never watched a playthrough like I did saya no uta.  I get tons of inspiration from tons of games,  heck I was even inspired by Bioshock so sorry I can't give you more of a direct answer. but I'm glad you liked it!

Noted ! I'll go check it out ^^ Also Bioshock is a great thing to be inspired by haha. I'll tell ya what I think about it more in detail when I finish it but I think my favs are Alpha and Monroe for now (Did I get the names right ? I'm always worried about that TwT).

lol I think you mean atlas, and if your looking into saya no uta check the warnings first since there's a lot of triggering material I watched it years ago and remembering it some things didn't age well so just be sure about that.

AAAHHH I knew I had it wrong X')

Ok, I'll make sure to remember that, thanks !


Okay so, after going on a date with Shy, I get to the part where I put my stuff down and get on the couch, and every time I do it, it brings me back to the title screen after I press.

So is it not finished, or do I need to redownload the game, or is it just a bug, I really like game so far too so yeah I'll keep trying, but i doubt there will be different results.

it's not finished yet so there's no more after she gets on the couch, but don't worry I'm done with the rough draft of her route, but there's much to do before I release the full game.

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Okay thanks I was just wondering.

Awesome game so far.

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Bit of a random one. A friend recommended your Monster Sweethearts and I tried it expecting something cutesy, I did not expect such a fantastic read. Great characters, great lore and some really tender moments topped off with some downright gruesome ones.

After that I really wanted more so i'm really looking forward to seeing this one completed and thankyou for your work.


i just finished ALL of monster sweethearts and man i'm really r e a l l y into the world building and lore (especially when it was revealed in Lien's route about the harsh truth of the town) so I'm really glad to see that there's more to come from an awesome author like you <333

❤(っ^▿^) thank you very much!


Just wanted to let you know that Monster Sweethearts emotionally destroyed me; I am so excited to see you working on more, cant wait!

aw, thank you! (*´▽`*)

llonelly do you know how much this will cost?

the game will be free, it’s just that the nsfw patch will be around 1-3 dollars. 

will it be on steam?

unlikely there's a lot that goes into getting a game on steam that I really don't feel like doing, most of my games will be on unless they really blow up but once again unlikely.

ah I see

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oh wow didnt rlly thought you would get this good and publish more! id be more than happy to play this game but only when its finished... could you predict a date maybe..? would it be till end of summer? im soooo looking forward to it! Also monster sweethearts are a pure gold game! Although im so sad that theres gonna be payable stuff in this one... im so broke :(


probably end of this year or somewhere around next year I’m in college so that’s taking up the bulk of my time so I try to work on it as much as I can. The only payable stuff is the nsfw patch mainly as a barrier to at least try and keep minors from getting it. 

please port the game to linux.

I know this is an old comment, but the game actually has native support for linux! It's not mentioned anywhere, but if you download the windows release, it contains a shell script and runs perfectly, no need for wine or anything.


We are back, we are better than ever, and we are excited. I can't tell who I want to date first but hmmm Mary? Or do I want the delightful goat-lady. Decisions, decisions. 


I'm excited for the full game!


tbh i'm intriged to have a full story and see how characters interact with each others. i love your games so let's gooo!


Aw thank you :)


i would suggest downsizing the amount of routes to around half.

the main weakness of monster sweethearts was that the routes were each more of a series of events then a complete story.

even with the time investment on the art part being somewhat reduced by recycling art assets from it where possible, planning for six routes would likely stretch each route too thin.

a good approach might be to start off with two or maybe three and give enough spotlight to characters who are not route central in each route (including those whose route is not yet designed) to both make each route feel more complete and connected to the world (a problem in monster sweethearts) and organically develop the charactarization and writing for future routes rather then plan six seperate routes in advance and try to stuff them together ( a viable approach of course, but not really suitable for a single writer)


while I think it’s valid to think that the stories in MS are more of a series of events then a story I think your conclusion of why it is that why isn’t true. 

When I wrote MS I was a 12th grader and was the first story I ever written, I was completely new to creative writing. Take xanthes route for example,  it will still be written the way it is even if MS only had two/three routes cause it’s was just how I wrote. 

Speaking of xanthes route as an example what will have to be changed for it to be seen as a story rather than a series of events since I’m having trouble understanding what exactly you mean


let'ssssssss gooooooooooooo

Will there be a Mac version?

ill try my best to get it up today :)

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Will there be a mobile version of this eventually? I have a chromebook so i cant play it ;-;

Aw im sad to hear you can't play it :(. but yeah i think i can try and do a andriod for this but i only have an adnroid tablet and i have to make sure it works accross all andriod devies and its not as simple as exporting to mac and pc so a lot more work has to be done but I will work on that tommarow :)

Okay! Really appreciate it :D