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Monster Sweethearts is a  free lesbian Monster dating sim set in the rural town of BlackWood Falls. You're stuck planning the Monster Sweetheart dance after being exposed to the existence of monsters. But you, yourself don't have a date to the dance! through 5 different possible routes, you might end up with a very special lady depending on your choices throughout the game.

Eligible Sweethearts: 

Lyell:  Lyell is trusted around the town of BlackWoodwood as a reliable carpenter but keeps to herself in her cabin in the middle of the woods.  Sometimes she has to take a break every full moon from work, no one knows why.

Bae: Bae is the fastest swimmer in all of BlackWood, She loves to spend her time listening to music and hanging out at the BlackWater lake like she lives there.

Victoria: Victoria is notorious for her grand parties that are very inclusive, she's the most popular girl at school after all.  While she's a  mere inane popular girl to some to you she's a childhood friend who seems to be holding secrets about her past.

Xanthe: Not much is known about Xanthe besides that her family is the richest in the town...and that she dated pretty much every girl in school. And it seems like you're her next target.

Lien: Lien has been a troublemaker since she was young considered a lost cause to many. She seems to hold in a lot of anger but for what exactly is left a mystery. It's probably best to steer clear of her.

the game features

-6 datable sweethearts

-All routes have a good and bad end based on your choices through their routes

-around 200,00 words

-around 90 cgs you can get.

- secret route you can get if you complete all other routes and their endings.

Need help with getting the routes and all endings? Go to the bottom of this page, please make sure you read this before you comment asking fir help please:https://llonelly.itch.io/monster-sweethearts/devlog/164669/big-monster-sweethear...

thank you so much for 15,000 downloads!

Content warning:

A general warning of violence, body horror, and gore especially in the bad ends. So be careful if any of these things trigger or upset you in any way. There is also a horror aspect to this game so there will be creepy moments though rest assured there are no jumpscares.

18+ content?:

This game besides the violence does not contain any sexual 18+ content, the most you get are make-out sessions and kissing. 

MS is rated  PG17+.

The instinct and reason system:

These are special choices you can choose from time to time. These matter more than regular choices in the routes.

Instinct: More of a violent approach.

reason: Use your head to solve problems. 

If you want to make fanart, playthroughs, or anything else then you are more than welcome to!

My Tumblr(Ask me anything here!):https://monster-sweethearts.tumblr.com/

voice/proofreader/music credits:

Jaylene: FluffyAndTriesTheirBest

Lyell:  VynVoxVA

Victoria: IsmayHutton

Xanthe: adoxographist

Blake: Robin Black

Proofreader: Vlad puchin

 Music: Morific

will be put in game later:

Tailor: jva

lexi: julia va


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Exclusive content

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Sticker sheet

The stickers are of a  6.5 x 5 sticker sheet of the monster sweethearts along with the logo of the game. These are hand cut with an exacto knife, I don't have cricut, so these are 100 percent handmade. These can only be shipped in the united states, also be aware it may take longer to get your mail during these times.

see here for image, just scroll down till you see the photo:https://llonelly.itch.io/monster-sweethearts/devlog/164669/big-monster-sweethearts-update

Development log


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omg this game is terrifying and cute at the same time.

looking forward to see another game you make :D

oh btw do you have instagram? i'm currently making a video edit about lyell and jaylene and i'm wondering if you have instagram account so i can tag you on my video


thank you for making this game!! i finished this game last year and I was in denial of being a lesbian. monster sweethearts helped me accept being  a lesbian and is still one of my favourite visual novels!

I’m so happy that my game helped you come to terms with your identity! (^▽^) so glad that my dumb game about lesbian monsters game could do that! 

What is the answer for Roses question on Xantes route?



Thank you sm, btw i love this game, its amazing, one of the best ones ive played :)

(3 edits)

I really love this game, i finished Victoria's good and bad endings, i got to say that Lyell is my fav. Overall its an amazing game, i started playing Bae's and its exiting. 

I love the sprites and the music.

If anyone is having trouble with the no-face man on Baes route try going back every time you miss.

Btw did anyone else notice that Blake has a lesbian flag acessorie on her belt?


How to fall in love with lien.

Hi!  I just wanted to come here and let you know that I absolutely love this game!  I think that Bae is my favorite, but I really do love them all.

On a separate note, the items that we can interact with on the home screen, the bracelets from Victoria's route are not interactive for my game.  All of the other character's items are working fine, just for some reason not Victoria's.

Also, if you don't mind me asking, are you planning on making a sequel to this game?

(1 edit)

I was not gona write a comment on this but I have been struggling all day so....
I want to ask...HOW TO GET TO XANTHE's...ending...like...I thought I need to complete all the main roughts first or at least Victoria's but I didnt get anything at the first page of the game indicating I finished her rought and I as like "imma just re-install the game" it didnt work and It is kinda..just...driving me crazy for the moment and I guess imma go cool off now because my head hurts...if anybody can hep me out I ould really like that because idk...Xanthe is just something else and I wanna see her ending too ^^ tnx for reading this farhope I didnt waste * minutes of your precious time
have a nice day/evening!

PS: I completed Vicotria's rough with a bad ending and it still got me the friendship bracelts(cant spell)  on the first page and Im freaking out around my room XDDD this game is the best thing I have ever played!)

did you complete the other routes good and bad ending?

Asking for spoilers! If you haven't played the game yet, avoid this possible comment chain!

ok so I kinda suck at trying to get the best ending in visual novels but I want to finish the story with one of the characters I like. I always second guess my choices so if anyone is willing, can you give me a guide to the good endings of each route?

it’s really simple for all of them, just pick the good choices and it’s easy to see which one is the good one. Except for Xanthe hers is different when her choices come up just wait and don’t press anything. If your looking for specific answers to which choices than maybe somebody else could provide a guide but it’s easy without one. 

So...I did download the game for free first, guilty as charged but I enjoyed it so much that I went back to at least buy the artbook.  Man, for a free game this was really good. I don't even enjoy dating sims much but I find myself going back to finish all the routes. My favorite's Victoria, probably cos the chemistry between her and Jaylene is just *chef's kiss. That and I like the drama.

Anyways, looking forward to your next game!

Ps: Just to ask, are those ending posters in the artbook too? I haven't checked it all since I haven't finished the game yet.

I'm pretty sure yes, they are in there, if not tell me so I could put it in.

Hey man, I found them! Those posters are a really good pay off for finishing the routes. I really love those. Maybe I'll hang some copies on my wall, who knows?

Thanks again! preesh


Really good. :)


I absolutely love this game!!! The art style and story are amazing!!! and I love all the characters in it! I especially love the jokes in it too <3

i found a walkthrough of the game to figure out how to start lien's route, and I followed it exactly, but instead of jaylene talking to blake about lien i get the option to talk about lyell, victoria, or bae. can you only play certain routes after others? i've only played victoria's and bae's.

you can only get liens after playing bae, vic, lyell and Xanthe and getting both their good and bad ends


Hey, just wanna preface this with, I love the game. It's so hard to find a monster GLG game and, please don't take this the wrong way, but I loved how dramatic some of the route like Lyell's are!

From that I'll ask, I was wondering what music you used for Bae's mixtape! I love listening to it in the menu and if I can know the songs in it?

thank you, if you look up monster sweethearts on youtube someone made a playlist

Found it, thanks!

hey can u reply to this with a link please? i couldnt find the playlist


if you do a little dlc abot my sweetheart victoria i'll buy it sooo fast <3

Hey!! Silly question, but what is all the sweethearts full names? I'm writing a Monster Sweethearts fanfic, and was hoping to get them real quick. 

(1 edit) (+1)

sorry for late responses but here they are

jaylene lawson

blake jones

lyell howling

victoria moritz

bae adams

xanthe alucard

lien aaron

Thank you sm!!!

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi! I really loved the game, it was my first glg game I have ever played and I'm really surprised how much I liked it. I really loved Lyell route and I wanted to make a Lyell wallpaper for my phone but I can´t find her portrate without the text bubble. I wanted to know if I could ask you for them (I couldnt find in any of your social media), this is only for my "personal" use and I don't want in any way to sell\make money with this

well, you can buy the artbook you can get everything in the game including all the sprites. but if you don't have money and since  this is for personal use you can head to my twitter @llonelly2 and dm me and I will give you one of her sprites. just one though since it would be unfair for the people who bought the artbook if I gave you more for free you know?

sorry to bug again, but I can't seem to get one of xanthe's ends? I got what I assume is the good end (because the credits had the universal poster) but the bear doesn't show up? and if that's the bad end, then how do you get the good end

(1 edit)

you get the bad end when you choose one of the choices during the scene where Xanthe is in the rain fighting rose.  And you get the good end when you let the timer go out, make sure you done both of these 

is anything supposed to show up on the main menu for xanthe's bad end?

no, you get her item on the good end. 

what is her item?

a bear 

Hi, I just played through Lyell and Victoria's routes and now I'm trying to do Bae's but I'm stuck at the quicktime events in the sewers because they last like half a second, I tried watching videos to see how people did it and their events were like 3 times slower so is there some setting that makes it easier that I'm not seeing ?

I’m not really sure, make sure your not skipping at that part and exit out and try again.   if all else fails I’ll suggest reinstalling

I have a save file right before the quicktime starts so I'm sure I'm not skipping, I also tried quitting and I reinstalled the game and still the quicktime events are way too fast for me to make it

then I really don't know why it would be faster for you than for other people, sorry I can't help.

Since I can't finish Bae's route does that mean there's no way for me to get the three other routes ?

yeah, so all I can suggest is retrying the quick time event till you get it

(3 edits)

Do you have a high refresh rate monitor? I'm stuck at the same part for the same reason and I'm starting to think it might be tied to some thing like that. If I can't force my way though after another few dozen tries I might try it on my art tablet which is only 60 and see if that does it

Edit: Yeah I'm almost certain that refresh rate was the issue. Soooo much slower on my 60 fps tablet and I got it right away, though using my tablet pen diiiiid also help

yeah that might be the issue too, sadly from my research renpy doesn’t really have solutions for handling monitors with different refresh rates during quick time events. 


so, I just started playing yesterday, and I've done lyell's and Victoria's bad ends, and I think I've done bae's bad end too, but only the cat and the mixtape are on the main menu?  and i know it makes more sense for the mixtape to be bae's item, but it showed up after i did Victoria's bad end?

just make sure you get every ending again cause if her bracelet didn't show up then you didn't do her bad end.


I totally missed the part where you said 6 dateable characters!! I went to play through and make a guide after getting Lien and Xanthe and saw an option that didn't look familiar and suddenly I'm on a whole new route, I was so excited, I actually just completed it! Anyways thank you for such a fun game, this actually inspired me to start making my own vn lol

Hello, I am a big coward, so I usually don't play horror games. STill I really want to try this! But I don't know how get Victoria's route and her good end. Can you help me with a guide please?  

You're great!


20:50 is how you get her route and to get her good end just answer the questions throughout her route right 

(1 edit) (+1)

apologies for bothering again but ive been trying to get xanthe's route and i've done all the previous 3 and their items are all on the screen, and i've been doing the choices i am supposed to do but i cannot get her route to trigger... do i have to do lien's route first? i also uninstalled and reinstalled and it still won't trigger

ok since you reinstalled my guess is that you didn’t do Victoria’s good end since her bracelet  shows up only on her bad end. So just make sure you get both the good and bad end for lyell bae and Victoria watch the credits all the way through. And make sure to input the correct choice number which is:1,1,1,3,3,3.And you can only get liens and the secrect route after you complete xanthes.   If that still doesn’t work we can go from there. 

that worked! thank you for your help! and apologies for bothering!

apologies if i am bad at seeing but is there a gallery? like you can see cgs you've unlocked?


no there isn’t, but there is an digital art book you can buy that has all the backgrounds, sprites and cgs including extra art I drew. 

I'm playing the game and I love it! But is there voice acting? I played all of Victoria Route and now I'm playing Lyell route but I didn't hear anyone talking.

you have to turn the voice volume in the settings and it’s only during the common route 

how do i start Xanthe rout

Did you finish the other routes before xanthe? Lyell,bae and victoria? If you did then you hafta answer the questions in this order: 111,333

i got both good and bad end for the first three and did the questions that way still nothing 


hmm.. do you have the stuff on the main screen? I think you might need to reinstall the game, but im not sure if that would work.


First of all, thank you so much for making this game. You said your not satisfied/happy with Xanthe, Lien, and secret route but they're all amazing there's nothing lacking for me, the plot the twist the romance is *chefs kiss* and this is f r e e so ilysm for blessing my broke ass. Not to mention the sound effect, detail, and bgm. This is masterpiece, can't wait for your new game to come out. But may i ask what songs you use for bgm? I love it so much it really gets the mood. Sorry for the bother:')

Aw thank you, and I got the music from multiple sources. the main theme is by morifc, and if you go into the games files you can find where the others came from :)


Will you be getting new stickers anytime soon? They look absolutely amazing!

I have one test sticker sheet left of this set I did for testing purposes and I might give that away sometime, maybe in a fanart contest.

but these designs aren’t coming back sadly but I will make new designs so stickers will be coming back soon but not these designs 

I'll make sure to keep an eye out then


Spoilers (?) 

So I'm at the part where Victoria and Jaylene are fighting the zombies/mosters/whatever and even though I'm literally following the directions as stated in the game, I keep getting the bad end. Victoria gives nine directions and when I counted how many I have to choose, it's only eight. I've done it so many times that I can't possibly be doing it wrong. Is it some sort of bug? Or am I just stupid?

you should read the sentences before the directions, Jaylene already took the first turn you don’t have to input that first turn she took 

Ohh, I see. Thanks for clearing that up, I was really confused!

(1 edit) (+2)

warning: spoilers (?)

So... I finished the game again... This time focusing the newest routes.

Xanthe's route was different from what I expecting... in my vision she was vamp seducer fighting her urge to drink Jay's blood,in yours she had problems with some kind of "demons" the past but you also made a lot of place for romantic stuff

Lien route is much crazier than I'd ever imagine... Fighthing with inner beast, unpleasant past and "science". And asshole behavior adds her a lot of charm.

Super-secret route was great... I'd expect Tailor or Sherrif or someone completely new, thinking that Blake would be too obvious choice. Well, she's normal, boring human... I was sure it gonna end right after making-out scene... but... everyone must have their own villain to fight.

Also Jayline got some more character development with each route. Finishing them all is key to complete understanding of her. 


First of all,the game is amazing

Second of all,i have the song that plays during the party in Lien's route stucked in my mind,could you tell me the name of the song??


Hi I’m trying to get through Bae’s route and the game keeps freezing and crashing :( It’s right when they’re painting posters together and Jaylene makes a note of Bae being left-handed. The text just disappears and the game crashes shortly after. What do I do?


I have no clue, no one reported an issue like this so I suggest to see if your pc can handle the game. And if it’s fully capable and all updated I suggest redownloading the game since there might have been a issue during the download process 


I was afraid to reinstall cause I was worried that would erase my save, but it seems to have worked! Thank u!

As a trans lesbian, I find this game lovely and wholesome, and I can’t wait to share it with my partner. ^-^

Can you date Blake? 

play the secret route and you'll see 

Deleted 242 days ago
Deleted 251 days ago
Deleted 251 days ago

How much you wanna bet they are all cis


well you can head canon them as any trans identity you want since no where is it stated that they are cis.I’m open to seeing different interpretations of the characters.    but I imagine your saying this in a disparaging way.


Monster Sweethearts, quite frankly, is one of the most significant pieces of wlw representation that we have in games. I am fully aware of the presence of sapphics in major franchises such as TLOU, or even in indie darlings such as Night in the Woods, but Monster Sweethearts blows these straight out of the water. 

Here's why. 

Monster Sweethearts is a horror narrative that, while about loving women and having an almost 100% female cast, does not design itself around traumas that specifically impact women or queer women. We don't see male misogynists chasing down these girls, or men terrorizing or assaulting them, etc. The tension and trauma in the horror, refreshingly, also doesn't ground itself in homophobia; in fact, there is only one route which focuses on homophobic violence. They are women, being women and sapphic is important to their characters, but their identities are not the roots of their trauma. They are allowed to exist outside of that tired feminist horror aesthetic.  

That's not to say that MS doesn't touch on serious themes. It has several layers within its narrative. There are overarching themes (consistent throughout all the routes) in regards to female sexuality, boundaries between friendship/romance, the struggles of coming out. In each individual route, further concepts are explored. For example, in Lyell's, the pressure of societal/hierarchial expectations and knowing what it means to protect those you love. For Victoria's, it's about self worth, societal beauty standards, and toxicity within female friendships. And in Xanthe's, the horrors of domestic violence, and the grueling, PTSD-ridden aftermath that comes with it. As you conclude each of the routes, more themes are uncovered: redemption, what it means to love, and furthermore, what it means to be human. 

Of course, all of this intensity is coupled with the adorable and unique artstyle. The backgrounds? Painted and detailed, but soft focused. It very much brings me back to old school TV shows like As Told By Ginger.  The character designs are also wonderfully done. 

Notably, MS is a queer story that takes place in the South, which is a refreshing perspective compared to the countless queer stories that take place in LA, NYC, or other major cities. As a queer person who has lived in the South, I greatly appreciated that level of representation.

Is this visual novel the pinnacle of perfection? No, but truly this free visual novel is delivering the kind of emotional depth and intelligence that paid games-- ones backed my major corporations and staffed by people with collectively hundreds of years of experience-- do not have.  

It is no wonder that this visual novel won the bronze medal award at the Melbourne Queer Games Festival. 

My sincere thanks to the developer for allowing me to cover this on my channel. Thank you so much for making something that was so needed, and something that has brought so much joy to our lives. 

I've completed Lyell's route and I can't help but wonder why werewolves have two pairs of ears, wolf and human, simultaneously?

Also, +1 to proofreading. While I understood that "weather" meant "whether"

or "residence" was "riddance"

it was still quite distracting.

Otherwise, it was an interesting VN with nice art.

thank you for the typo errors 

and for the wolf ear thing it's explained at the start when Jaylene goes to the library and you can choose a book to read. but to explain it here some werewolves can't shift at all while others can go full werewolf and others are stuck in between of the two. Lyell is stuck in the middle, if she wants she can practice her shifting into a more werewolf state where her human ears are gone have more fur etc. that's the basics of it without writing a whole essay I think I explained it more in the game

Thanks for the info.
I did read the book, but thought that "full wolf" is an actual large wolf and the "mix" is like a Worgen from WoW (with 1 set of wolf ears).

So I'm let's playing the Bae timeline and am noticing there is a huge lack of music... is this meant to happen? 

if theres no music its most likly I didn't add music to that part of the game unless you hear no music at all throughout then its a bug

(1 edit) (+1)

I've only played through one route so far (Lyell's).

The art and story are cute,
but you desperately need an editor. 
There are just so many misspellings, grammatical errors and awkward phrasings that would be much better with minimal tweaking.  
They made an otherwise nice story difficult to read. 

There are plenty of people who will stop reading something if there are too many errors like this.  (I know, because I tend to be one of them.)  So I genuinely think that you would be giving more people the opportunity to enjoy your stories if you found someone to do even minor editing work on the game.  (Fixing the uses of 'their' when it should be 'they're', for example)

I'd like to reiterate that I enjoyed the story itself, so I hope I'm not coming off as critical just for the sake of putting down those who put hard work into the game.

I had a much longer thing written out but I'm just gonna say this. I know there are typos and grammer mistakes.  people have been telling me this since I first uploaded it.  I'm gonna say it here for other commenters to see. that telling me where the errors are is more helpful then just telling me there are errors, since if you tell me where they are I can go fix them. I have an editor and they are able to work when they have free time .

(1 edit)

Is there a certain format that you want the typo/grammar errors to be pinpointed? 


Common Route>Pg.(?)>

Jaylene: "Are you sure this isn't a joke haha...?"

Xanthe goes up to me flashing her teeth.

Fix: Xanthe came up to me, flashing her teeth.

Pages are not numbered, so it's difficult for us to point out exactly where they'd be for you to fix in the program; so you don't have to go through bouts of text, I mean.

I have a ridiculous amount of free time if you want me to just fix it for you. 

Email: acceyla@gmail.com


xanthe goes up to me flashing her teeth

(Then put fix here)

that works just fine cause the program I'm using to program has a find and replace feature so I can just copy and past the "xanthe goes up to me flashing her teeth" into search and it shows me where it is .  but thank you in advance for taking your time to help, it means alot.

and do you want to just put the fixes in the comments or want me to email you so you can send them to me?

(1 edit)

Email works for me. :) Just send me a message.

Will monster sweethearts ever be on Android?


Yes I'm currently working on a new version of the game that will have new cgs, voice acting, and some fixe to the sprites and backgrounds and once this update comes out it will also have a linux and andriod version to go along with it . but I only work on it when i have free time which isnt much at the moment but hopfully yes :)

Ah okay! Thank you :3

a linux version would be very awesome!

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