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Monster Sweethearts is a demo of a  free  lesbian Monster dating sim set in the rural town of Black Wood . Your stuck planning the Monster Sweetheart dance after being exposed to the existence of monsters. But you your self don't have a date to the dance! through 5 different possible routes you might end up with a very special lady depending on your choices throughout the game.

Eligible Sweethearts: 

Lyell:  Lyell is trusted around the town of Black wood as a reliable carpenter but keeps to herself in her cabin in the middle of the woods.  Sometimes she has to  take a break every full moon from work, no one knows why.

Bae: Bae is the fastest swimmer in all of Black Wood , She loves to spend her time listening to music and hanging out at the BlackWater lake like she lives there.

Victoria: Victoria is notorious for her grand parties that are very inclusive, shes the most popular girl at school after all.  While shes a  mere inane popular girl to some to you shes a childhood friend who seems to be holding secrets about her past.

Xanthe(unfinished): Not much is known about Xanthe besides that her family is the richest in the town...and that she dated pretty much every girl in school. And it seems like you're her next target.

Lien(unfinished): Lien has been a troublemaker since she was young considered a lost cause to many. She seems to hold in a lot of anger but for what exactly is left a mystery. Its probably best to steer clear of her.


Content warning:

A general warning of  violence,body horror and gore especially in the bad ends. So be careful if any of these things trigger or upset you in any way, especially in new versions of the game . There is also a horror aspect to this game so there will be creepy moments though rest assured there are no jumpscares .

18+ content?:

This game besides the violence does not contain any sexual 18+ content, the most you get are make out sessions and kissing. there is one scene where its alluded that characters did the do but nothing besides kissing is described.

MS is rated  PG15+.


 This game is a demo to see if there is any interest in this type of game.  If enough  people like this project I will  continue to work on it.  But in the meantime i will work on Version 2 of the game with updated sprites, backgrounds, finishing the last two routes and any errors in code. So if you want to see more updates comment and follow my tumblr. if not thats cool too.

planned updates:

--finish xanthes route

--finish liens route

--more cgs for all routes

--updated sprites and backgrounds(remove placeholder sprites)

--Whatever you guys suggest!


uploaded version 2. various grammar fixes, putting names when people speak and one graphic mistake with one of the sprites.  Also changed Jaylenes name color to white to make her name stand out.


tons of grammar fixes in lyells and Baes route. Also added more lines of dialogue to make things clear. Thanks for the feedback guys!


added all CGs to Lyells and Baes route! also fixed up some dialogue here and there.

The instinct and reason system:

These are special choices you can choose from time to time. These matter more then regular choices in the routes .

Instinct: More of a violent approach.

reason: Use your head to solve problems. 


this game is not the full product. I plan to Add tons more CGs later on in development and general polish, such as grammar or graphic mistakes. If you see any of these please leave a comment so I can fix it in the updated version. And if you want to see something in the game,such as mini games, feel free to comment I'd love to see your feedback! I accept any Constructive criticism.

If you want to make fanart, playthroughs or anything else then your more then welcomed too!

My tumblr(Ask me anything here!):https://monster-sweethearts.tumblr.com/

if you have problems with downloading please tell me so i can fix it.

Thanks you even if you just read this even more so if you downloaded and played it! I hope you enjoy the game I worked so many nights on. and hope to work more nights on.

thank you so much for 600 downloads!

Updated 3 days ago
Published 20 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py, Clip Studio Paint
TagsDating Sim, Female Protagonist, Horror, Lesbian, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Monsters, Romance, Yuri
Average sessionA few seconds


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I just finished playing through all three available routes, finding something to enjoy in each. I don't really need to say anything about the general spelling and grammar, as thats been pretty clearly touched on by others. I did also find a few pacing issues, mostly in Lyell's route, where it felt like it was dragging and giving me just too much information that didn't matter.

I would actually very much like to offer any help you might need editing or any sort of game related advice the might be needed? Though I feel a wee bit like making that offer in my first post on this site might be a tad... presumptuous? Regardless, I have a literal resume for bug hunting also, so if you need QA then I can help there too.  

Looking forward to the future though, good work so far and good luck!


Yeah the grammar and spelling is being fixed, I’m surprised how much I didn’t notice lmao. Though I would really like your opinion on the pacing, as I felt personally it went too fast and need more inbetween stuff, at least in baes and Victoria’s Routes (Though the stories may be completely different down the line ). But any advice you have is good too, all feed back is appreciated :). I’d prefer other social media as not to clog up the comments though.

 And thank you for playing!


Of course, I have twitter that I sometimes use or stare at for a while. I am usually on Steam though. Let me know what works best for you. 

And I do know what you mean with the other two routes feeling rushed, Victoria's especially felt a bit lacking in flow though I think it was definitely interesting and kept me in my seat all night with the rest.

Twitter works the  best, it’s at llonelly2 :)


This game was just uploaded 4 hours ago and this is the first time I've went back online in this website XD the coincidence is surreal...

(4 edits) (+1)

Hey! I'm playing through this right now and am really enjoying it. I've actually wanted a monster themed yuri game for some time, so I really appreciate this.

I saw you mention that some character routes were unfinished and the choices were really strict because they are supposed to be played last. If you don't mind answering, what is the intended order to play through the routes?

I've also noticed a lot of grammatical and spelling related errors. I mean no offense, but it can often make reading through the dialogue a bit confusing at times. I understand this is still a work in progress, but if you need someone to help write dialogue in a more cohesive way, I'd be willing to help if that's possible.

I think this could turn out to be a really good read once it's more fleshed out and finished. Also, I don't know if this is intentional because it's a monster themed game, but I keep seeing "Witch" instead of "which", Witch bugs me sometimes lmao.

It also says it's been updated to 2.0, but when I download it I still get the 1.0 version. Not sure what's going on with that, maybe I'm just downloading it too early and I need to give time for the file to upload?

(2 edits)

the intended way is Lyell, bae, vic, xanthes and liens.  the first three  don't matter as much but might be confusing in certain parts , but liens must be last . this is also due to the violence and horror aspects increasing in each route so it eases you in.

And yes I'm very bad at English in general such as spelling and grammar. my brain just doesn't see the mistakes like others do so it makes it hard to proof read for me. it takes me a couple rereads of a line before I even notice a mistake.  I'm much better at general comics with little dialogue but I wanted to branch out and learn.So yes, your help would be very appreciated(And I'll credit you for helping and such if you want). And I hate witch and which so much cause I do mess them up a lot :'). but thank you for the feedback! and I'm really glad you're enjoying it! sorry for my grammar mistakes.

Also renpy when compiling the game defaults the version to 1.0 no matter how many times you built it before.  But on itch if the file name is different it doesn't replace the old ones. And if you delete the old files  instead of replacing then they lose the stats that are on them. So you have the newest verison its just the file name that is the same. Its weird and i don't like it :').  Unless your not seeing the changes I mentioned in the description?

(2 edits) (+1)

No problem! I figured English may not have been your first language, and that's totally cool. I'm well versed in English and I'd love to help in any way if I can, so just let me know what I can do for you and how I can get in contact with you outside this comment section. I wanna see this succeed! Don't worry about your mistakes, they will only help you to improve.

I saw it don't worry. And English is my first language I'm just really bad at it, grammar and spelling just never stuck with me like other people sadly(every semi colon you see in the game is just a wild guess as if its right or not.) I have two tumblrs(One in the description of game and the one on my creator page), a twitter and a discord . just tell which one you prefer.


That's cool too :) I struggled with it as well a bit but I'm pretty good on that front now. I thought when you said you were bad at English it was because it wasn't your first language, my mistake.

Anyways, Twitter works for me since I don't really use discord a lot.


thats cool no worries. my twitter is @llonelly2  just message whenever :)


I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would! I expected it to be quite short, but It was actually kind of long. I played through Lyell's route, and I really liked it!

The main errors I found (as of version 1.0) were that when Cecil was first introduce, Hazell shows up, but her sprite doesn't appear. And the other one I found was that in the first fight with Cecil, I think the instinct and reason choices are mixed up. You stay out of the fight when you pick instinct, and try to help Lyell against her wishes with reason. btw instinct is misspelled in both the fight scene, (And maybe others as well) it shows up as "instict".

I found a few logical errors too, when Lyell goes to Jamie to do... something... it's never actually stated what she needed to do there. Considering the conversation, it probably had to do with Cecil, but I don't think it's ever actually said. If it was I missed it. I also had a hard time figuring out how close Lyell and Jaylene were before the game. In the beginning nothing is ever stated that Jaylene knew Lyell from anywhere other than the dinner, but later Jaylene say's she's known Lyell for years. And even later, also says she knows nothing about her? I think I kinda get what you were trying to say, but it feels a little conflicting.

Over all, I really loved the game! and I'm really curious to play down Xanthe's route once that's finished!


Thank you so much for playing! And yes I may need to fix that when making a game like this you kinda forget some things you already stated before so thank you for pointing that out. I meant it as Jaylene knew Lyell in high school but since there 4 years apart they barley talked to each other  and now just see each other at the diner (or dinner? idk). But thank you for pointing that out so I can make that more clear in newer versions :) . 

And when they went to jamies i purposefully left it mysterious but i can see why that would be confusing so in later version i might add why she went there since it does explain werewolf culture more.  And thank you for pointing out misspellings and the graphic issues, playing through it myself it makes it hard to notice those.

also you can play xanthes route right now but its half finished (It would have been finished if a file corruption didn't happen but oh well :') )with loads of errors. The choices you have at the start decided which route you take. for the others you just need to get 4 or more right. but for xanthes and Liens you have to get all the questions right.  this is due to the fact their supposed to be the last ones you play. 

But thank you so much for the feedback! this is really helpful and i appreciate you taking the time to play and leave a comment. This helps a ton.


No problem! (Also you're right, it is diner, I misspelled XD)


Interested in seeing where this goes. Especially for the vampire Yuri route when you finish that!

The main errors I found with Demo 1.0 were grammar or spelling related and sometimes the names didn't appear over the text right. Either the wrong person was speaking or didn't have a name attached to it at all. Not sure if I could efficiently point out every single time those two errors occurred but those were the main things I noticed.

Good luck with this! :)

Thank you for the feedback!  and thank you for having interest  :) (the vampire route is going to be Xanthes :) )