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Monster Sweethearts is aa  free  lesbian Monster dating sim set in the rural town of Black Wood . You're stuck planning the Monster Sweetheart dance after being exposed to the existence of monsters. But you, your self don't have a date to the dance! through 5 different possible routes you might end up with a very special lady depending on your choices throughout the game.

Eligible Sweethearts: 

Lyell:  Lyell is trusted around the town of Black wood as a reliable carpenter but keeps to herself in her cabin in the middle of the woods.  Sometimes she has to  take a break every full moon from work, no one knows why.

Bae: Bae is the fastest swimmer in all of Black Wood , She loves to spend her time listening to music and hanging out at the BlackWater lake like she lives there.

Victoria: Victoria is notorious for her grand parties that are very inclusive, shes the most popular girl at school after all.  While shes a  mere inane popular girl to some to you shes a childhood friend who seems to be holding secrets about her past.

Xanthe: Not much is known about Xanthe besides that her family is the richest in the town...and that she dated pretty much every girl in school. And it seems like you're her next target.

Lien: Lien has been a troublemaker since she was young considered a lost cause to many. She seems to hold in a lot of anger but for what exactly is left a mystery. Its probably best to steer clear of her.

the game features

-6 datable sweethearts

-All routes have a good and bad end based on your choices through their routes

-around 200,00 words

-around 90 cgs you can get.

- secrect route you can get if you complete all other routes and their endings.


Content warning:

A general warning of  violence,body horror and gore especially in the bad ends. So be careful if any of these things trigger or upset you in any way, especially in new versions of the game . There is also a horror aspect to this game so there will be creepy moments though rest assured there are no jumpscares .

18+ content?:

This game besides the violence does not contain any sexual 18+ content, the most you get are make out sessions and kissing. 

MS is rated  PG17+.

The instinct and reason system:

These are special choices you can choose from time to time. These matter more then regular choices in the routes .

Instinct: More of a violent approach.

reason: Use your head to solve problems. 

If you want to make fanart, playthroughs or anything else then your more then welcomed too!

My tumblr(Ask me anything here!):https://monster-sweethearts.tumblr.com/

Need help with getting the routes and all endings? Go to the bottom of this page:https://llonelly.itch.io/monster-sweethearts/devlog/164669/big-monster-sweethear...

thank you so much for 7000 downloads!

voice/proofreader/music credits:

Jaylene: FluffyAndTriesTheirBest

Lyell:  VynVoxVA

Victoria: IsmayHutton

Xanthe: adoxographist

Blake: Robin Black

Proofreader: Vlad puchin

 Music: Morific

will be put in game later:

Tailor: jva

lexi: julia va


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Exclusive content

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Sticker sheet

The stickers are of a  6.5 x 5 sticker sheet of the monster sweethearts along with the logo of the game. These are hand cut with an exacto knife, I don't have cricut, so these are 100 percent handmade. These can only be shipped in the united states, also be aware it may take longer to get your mail during these times.

see here for image, just scroll down till you see the photo:https://llonelly.itch.io/monster-sweethearts/devlog/164669/big-monster-sweethearts-update

Development log


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im downloading it right now, meanwhile should say i Love your art style

I was gonna wait to review until after I completed the game, but...

AHHH!!! BAE! You sweet, sweet music dork! That mix tape is the best thing I ever heard! I was just laying on my bed covering my mouth tying not to wake up my roommate because of how much I wanted to squeal! Can I have a song list for just that mix tape?

Also, I tried to look up Blake's VA but Robin Black gets me a MMA commentator, any socials?


the mixtape:









as for blakes voice actor ill have to ask them and see, I'll edit this later with a answer :)

Thank you! and, one more thing, I can only get the same ending for Xanthe's route,  your thing talking about lien's route says get all of Xanthe's endings, am I  misunderstanding and there is only one? or am I doing somthing wrong?

nm I figured it out, haven't slept for 19 hours, kinda poop brain.


theres two for her you have to get. you know at the end of her route where her and rose are fighting with the timer counting down with the "instinct" or "reason"? well you just wait out the timer for her good end to happen :)


I figured it out a minute before you responded, and my response to her endings.

Fuck you. (You're a really good writer, and yes I am aware that you could have easily figured out that me cussing at you in reaction to a story is a good thing, but I am soft and feel bad when I say mean things.)


wait... there's somthing after the credits?! hold on.

I got everyone's good and bad ending but I can't get the secret route and I even got all the items but I did notice for some reason I can't click on Victoria's, is there anything I else I must do to get the secret route?

go to the bottom of the post to see how 


I've already looked at that and sadly it didn't help since I've already did those things, I just finished lien's route and got all of her endings but still can't get the secret one, thanks anyway though hopefully I can eventually unlock the secret route, amazing game btw never heard of anything like it, wish there were more games like this

if you did all those things then you need to replay the common route and do xanthes hint but get one wrong then it should take you to that route.

Thanks a billion

Please please please share how you got everyone's good and bad endings. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, I'm going crazy replaying and replaying countless times. I got good endings for Lyell, Victoria and Bae with the posters like "The bride of Frankenstein" and etc. I got bad endings with "Bad ending" label on them for Lyell and Victoria, however when I get bad ending for Bae there's no such label as she kills me. What am I doing wrong? I just desperately want to get the other LI routes, but can't even get Xanthe's route. I got the cat, the cassette and the bracelet. I'm frustrated to the point that I just want to delete everything, but then it would mean that I replayed all these hours, even days for nothing.

I don’t know why yours is not doing it since everyone else seems to be getting into xanthes route just fine.

I'm gonna reinstall it then. Let's  see if it works. Hopefully

to help you if you right click the skip button at the bottom of the textbox then it can automatically skip to next choice :)


Finally got through all the routes! Great game! 


I just HAD to make an account here to say....this is THE single most amazing yuri game i've ever seen...after playing all 6 routes im in SHOCK that this issnt on Steam bc it should be!Normaly i play VN's in like hmm 8-12 h mb a day (im a fast reader) but this? 2,5 Days of pure laughter and sweet moments(you dont know your own slurs had me laughting on the floor)

Now is it perfect? no ofc not Spelling errors left and right some plotholes and some loose endes that just dont realy fit but even with all its flaws it a Masterwork.

Im so happy after playing Blakes route...she is simply awesome!

Thank you from the Bottom of my Yuri loving Heart for this Game

thank you so much :)


i must say that little teddy bear scares me like why? i thought it was the cutest thing.

When the scientist in the sewers attacks you on Bae's route, what do you press to get him off you? I'm stuck, and I really want to play more of the game because I love it.

uh there should be black blocks on the screen, its a quick time event o you have to click them with your mouse. if you dont see  them then i recomand turning up your brightness.

Ohhhhhh, tysm!


Oh yass. It is time to be the gae. Thanks for the game ^^

I thought I did all the endings but I only have two items: The cat and the mixtape. Very confused at the third, pretty sure I've done all of Victoria's endings.   I could use a little help

(1 edit)

if you did her bad end then Her item should’ve showed up 

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm having some trouble with the Victoria route, no matter what I do, I get the bad ending. I´ve even copied the instructions she gives me on paper: L, R, L, L, R, L, R, R, L, I think I may be doing something wrong... I could use some help.

Edit: I tried mixing the pattern Victoria gave me and it ended up being: R, L, L, R, L, R, R, L, so, what she said minus the incial left turn.

I'm having some serious trouble getting Xanthe's route and I know in order to get her route I have to get all of the endings for Bae, Victoria, and Lyell so I was wondering how many endings do each of them have? I have only done 3 endings for Victoria, 2 for Bae, and 2 for Lyell and I'm not sure if those are all of their endings or not and I have also looked at the hint and I'm pretty sure I got that right...or not...I don't really know but in any case the routes and everything are absolutely amazing

well if you have gotten all the endings then you must be doing the hint wrong, the numbers go with the questions, such as the hint of 1,1,1,3,3,3 the first question that comes up is the first answer , the fourth one that comes up is the third answer and so on.


How many ending are there for each love interest? And is Blake a love interest?

each have two, and yes 

Thank you so much! :)


How do I get on to Liens  route... I love her so much but i haven't figured out how to get to her :(


scroll to bottom, it should all be there on how to get her route

I absolutly love this game! So happy that all the routes are done. But I just can't figure out how to get Xanthe's route :/ I have all the bad and good endings and all three items but it just doesn't let me play Xanthe's. I looked at the hint too.

I know I'm doing something wrong xD Hope you can help me >.<

are you sure you have all the good and bad ends? Play through it again  and are you sure you answered the questions right at the beginning?

I'm pretty sure I have all the bad and good ends. Does Victoria's route have three bad ends or more? Maybe I missed one. 

If the hint is still 1/1/2/3/3/3 then I answered the questions at the beginning right.

it’s 1,1,1,3,3,3

Omg I feel so stupid. Yeah now it works! Thank you so much xD


WOAH. I love love this! I did Lyell and Bae's route. It was FABULOUS!! I'm no grammar doctor, but there was a common mistake of to and too. Can't remember where it happened because I was blinded by how amazing this is. Also a quick question, putting two and two together, it seems like Blake would be a love interest. Is that true?  But please excuse me for being ignorant since I just found this master piece today.


if you complete all the routes there is a secret route you can get complete all the other routes first and get their endings and then you see who the secret route is :)


Thank you for replying. I did all the routes except for the secret one. OH it is so great. Like WOW.  I especially love that Jaylene has a background and is an actual character. Most visual novels the mc has a family and just went to where ever the story begins. Now I must ask a question about Jaylene. I got to learn about her throughout the routes and it made me wonder. Is Jaylene the same person? I know the big dirty secret about Jaylene was revealed during Lien's route. But is that canon for the other routes? ANYWAYS this visual novel was FIRE and I absolutely love it. Now to get back to the secret route.


yes it is canon in all the other routes its just that in liens route she goes through a real truamtic experince to where you know what happens happens. (don't want to spoil it for people scrolling the comments). if what she experinced happened in the other routes then the big secrect would also be relvaled  also :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Love the game but i cant for the life of me figure out how to get to Xanthe's route (and yes i did look at the hint)! And is there supposed to be an item that pops up on the main menu screen when you get the good ending for Victoria cuz i cant seem to get that either?

Im probably doing something wrong but i've been replaying it over and over again and i cant figure it out :')

Did you make sure you got all the endings? you have to get the good and bad ones for each, you only get vics if you get the bad ends. Also did items worked properly correct, jsut as showing up after the endings and being able to click on  them? just want to make sure of that.

(2 edits) (+1)

Yep! Pretty sure i got all of the endings, bad and good. But i dont know if Bae's bad end (when Jaylene gets pushed in her water tank when Bae goes 'feral') counted as i didnt get the "BAD END" letters pop up on screen but the credits rolled after it.

As for the items, the two i got (Lyell's cat and the CD/cassette Bae made for Jaylene) worked! Im not sure if there was supposed to be an item for Victoria as i didnt get one.

(2 edits)

Alright I'm gonna dowload the game from this page and check out for myself, but are you sure you got all the good and bad ends? cause if you got vics bad end then her item should show up but if it didn't then I'll have to download the game and see

edit: i quickly did vics route and her item only shows up after the bad end


Nevermind! Scratch that i replayed again and apparently i missed one bad end for Victoria! I got her item now, tho im not sure if its supposed to do anything! And i also got into Xanthe's route! Sorry for bothering you 🤦‍♀️!

yeah her item doesnt do anything since i couldnt think of something for it to do lol, but its alright no problem! hope you like her route!


Loving the art style! It's obvious even with the demos that you've put lots of work into it. Very excited about the release.

thank you!

do you have a release date

what is there left to do 


the voice lines in the common route still have to be implemented. The voice actors have yet to give some of there lines.in addition I want to make this game good as possible so I’m just rereading every route now to fix grammar and typos 


i want to point out that you write which "witch" witch means like wizard 

i love the soundtrack will you release it

All the music in the game are from free music sites so I dont have the rights to them

by the way if you need any help i am more than willing top do everything i can

how do you download this? normally with these games you need to extract the file first. so i click download, click my computer type, then the bar comes up i click "show in folder" and then extract all on the file but it won't let me play

never mind figured it out!


So, just downloaded the game and finished Lyell's route; so cuuuuuuuuute! Now playing Bae's. I love it so much, the only problem is there is a ton of grammatical errors. As well as the names do not change all the time to indicate who is talking. I do my best to ignore them because I understand what you are saying, but they are very distracting and can take away from the story. I'd offer to help/review but that's not my place. I do hope you fix the grammar errors because it's a great game and a great piece of work.  Can't wait for more or the final project. Until then, keep going!

will you release to steam

I dont think the game is good enough for steam lol


In my opinion it definitely is good enough for steam, I usually can't get at all invested in yuri visual novels, but this one is so good I think I pulled an all nighter to read all the routes when I downloaded it months ago and this page has been pinned in my browser since because I don't want to forget to read Xanthe's and Lien's route as soon as it doesn't say unfinished. So yeah, I love this game.


i agree

will you make a taylor route 

No sadly i dont think i can make her a route espically so late in development

do you have a planned release date

I have some voice acting that needs to be finished and some music to be made but after thats done i will release it.

(1 edit)

oh i cant wait

do you know when that will be

not exactly but it should be this month if everyone gives me their lines in time but you know stuff happens but hopfully this month

oh man i can't wait

still planning this month or has it been delayed

The voice lines havent come in yet so it all depends on how fast i get the voice lines in. once all the voice acting is done i will release it since thats all thats left to do.


victorias route is broken i followed the instructions but still got the bad end no matter what

if you have the have the latest download then it should work, if your stuck on the first one remember that jaylene takes the first left autiomatcally so you dont choose left as your first option


well it's confirmed im just an idiot


I just finished Lyell's route and this game is .so good, I enjoyed it so much

Like the plot is just amazing, it's just on spot, the art looks amazing and I literally have no complaints

When I'm old enough to be able to support it, I totally will, so really just thank you so much <3333

- Sincerally, a lesbian girl


This was really good and I enjoyed it immensely!

There's some spelling mistakes, wrongly named text boxes, one or two places were the passing seems off and misplaced spirits but that's really the only issues I'd say there are! I can really tell how hard the developer has worked on this. I can't wait to see what the updates hold. 


Honestly the best game ever. Keep up the good work! Reccomend to all who love the supernatural and lesbians

Awsome game, thanks!


I feel like Blake likes Jaylene which makes me sad cuz she's literally the first one I kinda wanted Jaylene to be with but she's not an option : (


she will be a route, just gotta wait for the update :D

Yo I ran this game through virus total and it said it had a Trojan in it.


it does have a Trojan in it, it turns your computer gay, watch out.

That explains a lot


Howdy ^~^ Enjoyed your game. The arts pretty neat and I liked the characters a lot. Only thing I found a bit irking (not trying to be a meanie but) was the typos and grammatical errors here and there kind of broke the immersion a tad bit. Speaking of which, I was wondering whether you require an editor in which case I offer my assistance :^) 

I would appractiate the help. jut dm me @ llonelly2 on twitter

Righto and thanks ^-^


Hey! I loved your game, and I didn't even fully finish two of the three available routes yet! I can tell you work really hard to make it as good as possible. I can't wait for Xanthe's route since she's my favorite! Sadly, I didn't think of screenshotting the few errors I might have seen, but I remembered that there was some confusion between your and you're most of the time. Except for grammar mistakes, I don't think I saw that many graphic ones. Sometimes, the names of the characters weren't showing when they were talking. Once I go back to playing, I'll make sure to screen as much typos as possible!

Thanks for this game!

thank you so much, screenshotting it will be so helpful since it has about 500 pages worth of words so its hard to catch typos. and I'm glad you're enjoying the game!


Hi! idk if this is a typo or an error in my download, but for some reason my game says that it is the 1.0 version.  For now I have only finished Lyell's route (which was adorable) and I am half way throug Bae's, but seen the version discrepancy has made me believe that maybe I am missing out on your improvements for this amazing  game. If this is some user error, I would love to know what I did wrong.  

Thank you for responding when you got the time!

this is merely something itch does. I don't change the version name cause if I do then it replaces the file I already put there, losing all the stats it had, which I want to keep. changing the file name to version 2 or something similar will replace it fully, losing all the previous stats on those files. hopefully, I explained that in the most understandable way. if you download from this page then you are up to date on the game. the newest version will be coming soon ( but delayed due to voice acting lines not coming in) so I may just bite the bullet and replace the original files so there won't be any confusion


Thank you for your explanation! I don't think changing the name is worth it, if it means losing your stats. Probably a little note in the description about this small nuisance would suffice.  

I wouldn't worry too much, its probably just a me problem. I think what confused me was that it also said it was the 1.0 ver on the  "About" section in the menu. 

Thank you for replying so quickly,  I will finish the rest of the routes without worries tonigth.  And patiently wait for the new update.

Once again thank you for your work!

I don’t remember the exact moment, I think it’s when Sierra and Lexi are fighting over Sierra dying lexi’s clothes all pink, I noticed one of the times when it was Lexi talking it said Lyell in the name part instead of Lexi. Not a big deal but thought you might want to know! I absolutely love the game! It’s amazing thank you for making this.

thanks for letting me know! And thank you!


you’re welcome! 


Is Sierra gonna ever be a romantic option? She my baby <3

Also love the game !!

lol,  I don't think so sadly but I'm glad you like her! and thank you!


Finished the game and got the available endings including the bad ones.  Can't wait for the other route's to be done so i can experience it all over again. There are a couple of weird glitches where characters that are not around is talking like Lyell speaking instead of Jaylene. but overall love the game and looking forward to Xanthe's route. 

Thank you, I'm really happy you enjoyed it, and thanks for notifying me of the glich. also love your icon


I finished all the available routes and i must say i really enjoy the game so far! I can't wait for blake's route to be added and for xanthe's to be completed too.  Arnd when would the next update be?

I polished lyells,Baes.Victorias routes(Their stories have changed alot from the original) so their completly done. I'm working on the  images for xanthes liens and blakes which takes about a day to do for each route. I also want to work on other things to my likening. theres no set date but I feel this month is a good estimate for the next update.


Ah thanks for replying! I can't wait to see how the story goes.


What's the music that plays whenever there's conflict?  I really like it and wanted to learn it on my guitar and was wondering if you had sheet music or tabs for it

All I can give you is the song name, which is Riding Solo by David Fesliyan. I got it from here https://www.fesliyanstudios.com/royalty-free-music/download/riding-solo/360. sheetmusic or tabs for this song i don't think exist :( but you can look and see


Thank you so much!!!  Also, the game is great and I absolutely love it!  Looking forward to when it's finished! :)


is this game still in the works ? 


Yes it is, don’t worry an update is coming soon


I downloaded this game yesterday and already finished all the routes included at the time, gotta say i was a little disappointed that Blake wasn't one of them but whatever, i'm in love with Lyell now <3

Just a note, I noticed some typos and such but also that sometimes the name of the character that is talking switches to another one's which can be a little confusing, more in Victoria's route than the others. 

Still loved it tho, i'm looking forward to play it whenever it's completed, maybe because of Lien cause she's hot.  Pun intended.


Thank you! glad you enoyed the game :)

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