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There appears to be a bug with Victoria's Route. After Completing Only her bad end (With lyell and bae's good and bad paths completed) I was able to access xanthe's Route. 


thanks for letting me know, this will be fixed in the next update.

Can i get a full breakdown on what i have to do to get Xanthe's route? step by step?

1. Get the good endings for Lyell, Bae and Victoria. these all end with a drawing of them at the dance in their costumes.

2. get the bad endings for Lyell, Bae and Victoria. these are all different. and their routes do have deaths in them that might seem like bad ends but aren't (the directions segment in victories. the mini game near the end of base route, etc).  without a spoiler for their route bae and Victoria have a cg with their bad end after the last instinct/ reason choice. And Lyell bad ending involves more of her than Jaylene (really hard to explain without spoiling). on the main menu you should have three items for each of the girls as of right now.

3. play the common route and answer the questions in this order 111,333. if done right and all routes have been done before it should start automatically. if you get a choice between lyell, bae, and victoria that means you didn't complete their endings.


I'd recommend getting an additional proofreader. I tried playing this, but even just a few minutes in, the amount of typos/grammatical errors ended up being too distracting and I had to drop it.

You are right,  idk why people would downvote this(though their allowed to disagree ofc, as everyone has different opinions). But I want other people who might read the comments to know I don't downvote any comments even if I disagree with them. and I believe Itchio doesn't even register my downvote, so even if I did, it wouldn't show up on the counter publically. This goes the same for upvotes too, they won't show either.

question: what type of monster is tailor? shes a part of the commitee but it never states what tailor is. is she just a human that found out about monsters like jaylene or is she a monster herself?

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Minor spoilers I suppose: 

She is a monster, She's sort of like a fae/human hybrid. That was her initial concept and I have never gone back to it to flesh it out.

what did I say that got this downvoted 😭

i.... i cant do xanthe route.... I tried all the options but I can't even start her route, can anyone give me the order of choices...? (i need that, im crying here... please)

The order for her choices is 1,1,1,3,3,3

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oh hi, I'm also trying to do Xanthe's route, but I can't do it because these three options always appear so I can't start the romance with her :/ Is there anything I can do??

The route should start automatically but if not that means you didn’t get the good and bad ends of lyell, Victoria and bae first. Do that, than the choices, than it should start. 


just to check, is Blake a romance option? or the secret option? its cool if she isn't just checking


Y'know, personally, I would rather be part of the monster sweetheart planning cummtitty than the monster sweetheart planning committee

Another thing that might be a glitch: In the Xanthe route, when Rose gives you an option to either let her go or let her stay, it doesn't let me choose either, and I just end up running out of time and she chooses for me.

This also means I've only gotten the bad ending for Xanthe and can't get the good ending


in order to not get the bad end, you don't need to choose then— instead, wait for the choice between the twins and Rose. Choose rose— at the extra drama point where Xanthe is holding the axe and might be able to kill Rose, don't choose anything. Don't press instinct, don't press reason— let the timer wind down.

Hope this helped!!

Oh my gosh thank you! I honestly could NOT figure out how to do this, thanks so much!


I'm not sure if this is a glitch, but I've played through the Victoria ending and it won't give me the ending, like it doesn't register that I've done it, and I don't have whatever is supposed to appear on the home page. Because of this I also can't do the Lien or Xanthe routes. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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You must finish Victoria's bad end to get it. Just in general pick the options that make the mc believe she is disgusting. You must also get the bad ends for Bae and Lyel.

Ohhh I didn't realize I had to get the bad endings too. Thank you!

Is there any way of skipping the challenge in the secret route? The key figurations initates my voice to speech for some reason and it won't let me complete it

However I love the game. The characters and the stories are a 100/10 

hehe nevermind I figured it out :)


Am I about to replay a game I haven't touched in three years because I need something to make me feel better? Yes. Yes I am. I regret absolutely nothing!


I'm sad the weird roommate isnt romancable :'c


how in seven shades of noodles burned in hell and i supposed to get that secret ending i cant even search it up THERES NOTHING AND IM STRESSED THIS HAS BEEN THE ONLY DISTRACTION FOR WEEKS YES IM SAD ITLL END (so you better make more parts) BUT EVEN THO I NEED TO KNOWWWWWW


Well...first you have to get everyone's route finished (good endings I believe). Then, when you play again you should notice a new dialogue choice during the prologue. Of course, its been like a year since I've last played so...I can't guarantee anything.


thank you wished youd been there at that time i finished all endings so its fine.

the tape bae gave us is SO adorable


i swear if the secret route aint blake i dont want it

i was hoping lien would be a dateble characterrrrr. anyway its really good but whats this whole voicacted thing? i did hear any 


She is tho? However, she's also the last character in the sequence so maybe that's what you're referring to. Also, I believe the prologue is the only voice-acted bit, then afterwards it's not. 

yeah i finished lol sorry i hadn't realized since they only gave me three options at start yk on who to talk abt? yeah i thought to soon thx tho i figured everything out and im still so damn sad jesus.


Is the whole thing voice acted? Because some lines are voiceacted and then the next one isnt and im just a little confused? Other than that i really love this game and Ive been having so much fun



i've been trying for few days to get past the freaky researcher in the sewers but i have shitty reaction time so i've haven't gotten past him. can anyone help ? is there a way to make the puzzle easier or to skip it completely ?  the frustration i have for not being able to get past this mf is incredible and a huge punch to my ego since, again, i've been trying for a few days lmfao

if you scroll back/page up on your mouse it should take you back to the last option so make sure your cursor is positioned right where the last one was then scroll back/page up


you are an angle my friend !! thank you



TW: Ironic use of the word rizz

So in the behind the scenes/development stuff you get after completing all the routes it's revealed that the secret love interest ,who I will not name because I know people who don't know will probably read this despite the spoiler warning, was actually supposed to have a crush on Jaylene no matter what route you're on but never gets to have her in any ending. But, since everyone loved her so damn much, the developer gave her her own route. 

So basically, she rizzed up the audience so hard "god" had to rewrite her life so she'd end up with her crush lol


Okay so this is probably just a crack pot theory but I’m just gonna put it out there. Spoiler warning!

Okay so I vaguely remember Lien saying that her like extra monstrous out of control form isn’t her actual genes but a scientist’s attempts to “fix” her.

I don’t know if she ever mentions where she was sent to who the scientist was specifically but the way I remember her talking about it, she phrased it as if the place she was sent to be “fixed” was not the same lab that Mrs Jackson is working for or at least not the lab we end up in at the end of her route.

Now baring that in mind, doesn’t her extra monstrous mouth thing form kinda remind you of the creatures Victoria’s dad made? I don’t know if it was intentional but to me they kinda look the same or at least similar, and both were mistakes made by a scientist while trying to achieve something else.

On top of all of that, I’m pretty sure Victoria mentions that it was her dad who introduced her to the monster world after she was put back together, which means that he at least knew of the monster world before then.

Even if I’m wrong about Lien being sent somewhere other than the evil underground lab, Victoria’s dad is a scientist living in Blackwood. It’s almost certain that he does/did work for the lab and/or worked with the doctor that Lien was sent to. That would explain why their works are so similar to have basically made the same mistakes.

Or maybe I’m looking too far into this lol

also while typing this I realized that Lien’s name is just alien without the a lol. I’m just imagining a line from Jaylene that goes something like, “so you’re an alien… named Lien,” had the creator kept the original alien idea


it's kind of a stretch but, i see your point

it's kinda weird Victoria's dad know about the monster world if he's not part of  the scientist experiment


Well it does seem like anyone who's important enough in this world can know about monsters as we see with both the sheriff and, of course, the other scientists. But hey, fixing minor plot holes or just tying unrelated things together are what fan theories are for!


TW: R*pe/SA

Just warning people as it wasn't included in the Content Warning, but this game includes SA, including discussion of a character previously getting SA'd, like, a LOT, and you, the player character, fending off attempted SA.

Found it in Xanthe's route so unfortunately if you want to unlock the other routes you have to go through it, I recommend skipping through her route if that's triggering for you.

I'm not sure if it's in any other routes other than hers, since I had to put the game away after that, and I unfortunately won't be able to come back to it.

I really enjoyed the game up until that section of Xanthe's route, wish I could see the others without having to finish hers!


Hi, the "Otome" tag should get removed. :)


Out of curiosity, why? Otome games are story-based video games targeted towards women, where the central goal of gameplay is to develop a romance with one or more secondary/lead characters. This is literally the definition of an Otome game, and this game meets that criteria perfectly! It's targeted towards female players, and you play as a female protagonist romancing a series of secondary protagonists.

Otomes most commonly feature heterosexual romances, but nothing says they have to be, and many Otome games offer at least one or more homosexual route!


It would be awesome If this game gets a harem route, where you can get all the girls after playing with all their routes.


Everyone's sides are so sensitive in this game lmao, they're just like me fr :p


Just finished all 6 routes this is an amazing story. My fav girls were lyell xanthe and the secret route who I was vying for the entire game 

bro i have a feeling we all know who it is but i finished 5 im dying i cant find tho godamn secret ending pls help

I cant get to Xanthes route. I've gon through the first 3 and I can't get to her route does anyone know why?

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can someone please tell me how to enter Xanthe's route? I don't even know what i did wrong i just stuck to the 3 option. Lyell Bae or Victoria. please send help. anyone!!

nevermind, i apparently following the wrong order of the first 6 question. i put 331132 instead of 111333. i just pulled a Sierra there for a second. sorry.

How do you get Bae's bad ending?

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!!SPOILERS!! does anyone know how to start the secret route? I've completed all the routes and all their endings (I think) I've unlocked Liens route so I know I've done Xanthes, Baes, Lyells, and Victorias correctly. (I know I have all endings for them) but I think it might be Lien that isn't letting me progress?? I got the good ending, the one where you give up instinct, the one where you lose your memory, and the one where Lien kills you in the forest towards the start of the route. I think that's all of them but I can't unlock the secret route for the life of me, I also have all the girl's trinkets/items on the main menu.  So does anyone know the reason why?

(Also Spoilers) It's been a while since I played this but what I did was go to just before the common route ended and went back little by little until there's a new option appearing when you speak to Blake at the end of the common route. I completely missed the option when I tried to get it right after finishing everything for Lien.

pls be more specific im dying here

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Please make a sequel to this game! My heart is empty now that i'm finished with this! (P.s can we get more info on Sierra summoning a demon? Did it work??? Also, what happened to her dating Lyell's niece in the other routes?)


does anyone know how i can start liens route cus when i talk to blak she only gives me three options and none of those are lien and it seems if I pick on of the options I go o their route not the on I want


did you get the good and bad end for Xanthe and answer the questions at the start in this order 3,3,1,1,3,2

xanthe isnt even an option to do for me


did you play the first three routes and get their good and bad ends?


Ok, ok... let me put my Xanthe simps on something real quick...

This but imagine Xanthe singing it, you're welcome. 😎

cultured i see


can someone tell me what the main menu items mean/are for and who's correlate with whose? trying to get to liens route but cannot figure out who i need to finish, i have the cassette the cat and the friendship bracelet, thx :

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In order to get Lien's route, you need to complete all the others, which means completing Xanthe's route first. You'll get a little vampire teddy bear when you finish Xanthe's route and thats when you can complete Lien's! (And as for the main menu items, the cat is for Lyell, the cassette is for Bae, and the bracelet is for Victoria!) 

Hope this helps, but lmk if you have more questions :D


going on what ThatGayWolfWriter said, to get the very last girl a.k.a. The 6th person you can date, you need to get all the good and bad routes on every character 

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I got far into Lyell's route, and the writing started to feel like it was translated from another language. I have no idea if this was originally written in english or not, but it was kinda weird. I didn't notice it earlier in the story, but that doesn't mean it wasn't there. IDK.

Edit: I went back to the beginning of the story, the writing style was there. I don't know why I didn't notice it earlier. 

im aware i need to do victoria, lyell and bae's routes b4 i can do xanthe's, but though ive gotten both bad and good ends for victoria her friendship bracelet wont show up on the title screen? is there a reason for that (like she has two bad ends or smth?)

There is another ending than dying, you just have to be mean to her the whole time

OH ok! i had no idea ty 😭 ill try doing that

No problem! I had a problem with this too!


Oh, it's so gay (◍ ´꒳` ◍) I love the monster x human and the horror aspects! And I also love how there's minigames between it! Though, some routes did get me stuck, but I managed through! The bad endings did hurt (´;ω;`) I enjoyed the game nonetheless! Lesbian/10 (´ ω ` )

Where can I get the art book :d

click the download now button then it gives you options for payment. if you pay a dollar or more you get the artbook.


Did I just see a big smoke reference? That aside, this one's awesome. I especially enjoy Xanthe's route.


Would you perhaps be interested in another proofreader going over the game? There's a lot of typos and things that could be improved in the script. I'm not looking for pay or anything, I just want to help out. I hate to see a good story held back by such things.

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