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Just finished all 6 routes this is an amazing story. My fav girls were lyell xanthe and the secret route who I was vying for the entire game 

I cant get to Xanthes route. I've gon through the first 3 and I can't get to her route does anyone know why?

I remember playing this for a long time the character I was after died and I was really mad I didn't wanna restart the entire thing so I quit, I might come back later

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can someone please tell me how to enter Xanthe's route? I don't even know what i did wrong i just stuck to the 3 option. Lyell Bae or Victoria. please send help. anyone!!

nevermind, i apparently following the wrong order of the first 6 question. i put 331132 instead of 111333. i just pulled a Sierra there for a second. sorry.

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!!SPOILERS!! does anyone know how to start the secret route? I've completed all the routes and all their endings (I think) I've unlocked Liens route so I know I've done Xanthes, Baes, Lyells, and Victorias correctly. (I know I have all endings for them) but I think it might be Lien that isn't letting me progress?? I got the good ending, the one where you give up instinct, the one where you lose your memory, and the one where Lien kills you in the forest towards the start of the route. I think that's all of them but I can't unlock the secret route for the life of me, I also have all the girl's trinkets/items on the main menu.  So does anyone know the reason why?

(Also Spoilers) It's been a while since I played this but what I did was go to just before the common route ended and went back little by little until there's a new option appearing when you speak to Blake at the end of the common route. I completely missed the option when I tried to get it right after finishing everything for Lien.

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Please make a sequel to this game! My heart is empty now that i'm finished with this! (P.s can we get more info on Sierra summoning a demon? Did it work??? Also, what happened to her dating Lyell's niece in the other routes?)


does anyone know how i can start liens route cus when i talk to blak she only gives me three options and none of those are lien and it seems if I pick on of the options I go o their route not the on I want

did you get the good and bad end for Xanthe and answer the questions at the start in this order 3,3,1,1,3,2

xanthe isnt even an option to do for me

did you play the first three routes and get their good and bad ends?


Ok, ok... let me put my Xanthe simps on something real quick...

This but imagine Xanthe singing it, you're welcome. 😎

cultured i see


can someone tell me what the main menu items mean/are for and who's correlate with whose? trying to get to liens route but cannot figure out who i need to finish, i have the cassette the cat and the friendship bracelet, thx :

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In order to get Lien's route, you need to complete all the others, which means completing Xanthe's route first. You'll get a little vampire teddy bear when you finish Xanthe's route and thats when you can complete Lien's! (And as for the main menu items, the cat is for Lyell, the cassette is for Bae, and the bracelet is for Victoria!) 

Hope this helps, but lmk if you have more questions :D


going on what ThatGayWolfWriter said, to get the very last girl a.k.a. The 6th person you can date, you need to get all the good and bad routes on every character 

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I got far into Lyell's route, and the writing started to feel like it was translated from another language. I have no idea if this was originally written in english or not, but it was kinda weird. I didn't notice it earlier in the story, but that doesn't mean it wasn't there. IDK.

Edit: I went back to the beginning of the story, the writing style was there. I don't know why I didn't notice it earlier. 

im aware i need to do victoria, lyell and bae's routes b4 i can do xanthe's, but though ive gotten both bad and good ends for victoria her friendship bracelet wont show up on the title screen? is there a reason for that (like she has two bad ends or smth?)

There is another ending than dying, you just have to be mean to her the whole time

OH ok! i had no idea ty 😭 ill try doing that

No problem! I had a problem with this too!


Oh, it's so gay (◍ ´꒳` ◍) I love the monster x human and the horror aspects! And I also love how there's minigames between it! Though, some routes did get me stuck, but I managed through! The bad endings did hurt (´;ω;`) I enjoyed the game nonetheless! Lesbian/10 (´ ω ` )

Where can I get the art book :d

click the download now button then it gives you options for payment. if you pay a dollar or more you get the artbook.


Did I just see a big smoke reference? That aside, this one's awesome. I especially enjoy Xanthe's route.


Would you perhaps be interested in another proofreader going over the game? There's a lot of typos and things that could be improved in the script. I'm not looking for pay or anything, I just want to help out. I hate to see a good story held back by such things.

will there be an android version?

maybe sometime in the future, I am very busy at the moment. and my android device is locked cause I forgot the I can't really test the android release. but someday.

Thank you for answer, I will wait 😊

I need help getting through the victoria route cause in the field she gives me 9 pieces of instructions but there are only 8 turns. My game is up to date. Can anyone help with this please?


she takes the first turn on her own so you don’t have to take that turn.


hiiii i would like to say that this game is so cool i love it and i would also like to ask do the characters have a voice cause for me it doesnt work. thank youuuu


from what i was able to play of this it was a ton of fun!! 

i loved lyell's route a ton!! 

and was having a ton of fun on bae's route too! though because i just can't do the QTE no matter how many times i try(been trying for 3 days as of today) im kinda locked and can't go any further

though no one else seems to be having that issue so i think its just me being slow 

Hello, i have the same problem...

Have you fixed it?

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nope sadly never could get past it

I tried for another week or so before just giving up 

I'm just not fast and consistent enough to hit them so I just kept getting overly frustrated

then I just quit the game entirely because I didn't want to start Victoria's and run into the same thing and since the other routes would stay locked even if I did 

its a shame because really there is not very many true wlw dating sims with like a ton of LI's and stuff 

Oh thats so mean, i am same as you, would love to play, but its so fast. Would love to play Baes Route to the End. Than i must it Quit to, dont come over the second Click. 

Thank you for youre replay :3!

I see that this is a common problem I will try and upload an updated version some time this week or during thanksgiving time

Thank you very much!


I recently finished playing all the routes and I just have to say I LOVE this game!

Every story is so amazing and I love all the characters and I enjoyed every second of it (even Xanthe's route, regardless of how traumatizing lol)

Just thank you so much for making this, it's my new favorite thing <3

I cried in every fucking route, I hate to love this game.  It's make me feels things and emotions are gross.  ;-;


Could you perhaps make/upload the osts used for the game? I've been dying to relisten to the music in the scene where Victoria and Jaylene are about to kiss kiss fall in love and then Mary interrupts them. 


i keep dieing on victorias route lol but cant stop playing aaaa

Are there more voice lines that are going to be added? I don't hear anything from Lexi or Sierra 

wait do the others have voices cause for me it doesnt work

They did for me when I played like last year. I noticed the creator added voice actor so I checked back and not all roles had voices. I'm not sure about now. But I've been waiting awhile for Lexi and Sierra to have voices. I don't know if they're going to ever :(

I absolutetly loved the game, i had never seen an lgbtq game like this aaaaa

but is there any way that we could date Lien? (btw im from Brazil so sorry if i misspelled something)


lol yes lien is one of the main love interest, go here and scroll to the bottom

this will give you a guide on how to get her route :)


I'm kind of dissapointed by the lack of punctuation going on, and it really detracts from the story, but the plot itself seems interesting so far (a couple hours in).


This is such a weird question but, what is Jaylene's eye color? Like how would you describe it as? There's no real reason why I'm asking it's just that me and a friend disagree on it lol


srry for the late response but this is an interesting question, so early in production, I thought it would be cool for Jaylene to have eye powers so I gave her the unnatural eye color of purple on the bottom of her pupil, with turquoise on top to signify that she has eye powers I guess. but that was later dropped and she no longer has eye powers but I kept the inhuman eye color, but if you played the other routes then it might make sense why she has such an unnatural eye color so it worked out in the long run.

but if Jaylene had to describe her eye color to people then she would say she has a weird form of Central Heterochromia and would argue that the purple is just blue somehow so I'll just go with that then. sorry for long rant jut thought it was a cool question that comes with lore

Ive gotten all 3 items from the first 3 routes and done both their good and bad endings but im still not able to do xanthes? (despite choosing 1 1 1 and 3 3 3 for the choices)

nevermind i had missed baes since i assumed failing the quicktime event was the bad ending ^^

Hi um,how did u get bae's bad end? I can't do it even by choosing the bad choices..


omg this game is terrifying and cute at the same time.

looking forward to see another game you make :D

oh btw do you have instagram? i'm currently making a video edit about lyell and jaylene and i'm wondering if you have instagram account so i can tag you on my video

yeah it’s @_lllonellly_, can’t wait to see the edit 


thank you for making this game!! i finished this game last year and I was in denial of being a lesbian. monster sweethearts helped me accept being  a lesbian and is still one of my favourite visual novels!


I’m so happy that my game helped you come to terms with your identity! (^▽^) so glad that my dumb game about lesbian monsters game could do that! 

What is the answer for Roses question on Xantes route?


Thank you sm, btw i love this game, its amazing, one of the best ones ive played :)

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I really love this game, i finished Victoria's good and bad endings, i got to say that Lyell is my fav. Overall its an amazing game, i started playing Bae's and its exiting. 

I love the sprites and the music.

If anyone is having trouble with the no-face man on Baes route try going back every time you miss.

Btw did anyone else notice that Blake has a lesbian flag acessorie on her belt?


How to fall in love with lien.

Hi!  I just wanted to come here and let you know that I absolutely love this game!  I think that Bae is my favorite, but I really do love them all.

On a separate note, the items that we can interact with on the home screen, the bracelets from Victoria's route are not interactive for my game.  All of the other character's items are working fine, just for some reason not Victoria's.

Also, if you don't mind me asking, are you planning on making a sequel to this game?

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I was not gona write a comment on this but I have been struggling all day so....
I want to ask...HOW TO GET TO XANTHE' thought I need to complete all the main roughts first or at least Victoria's but I didnt get anything at the first page of the game indicating I finished her rought and I as like "imma just re-install the game" it didnt work and It is kinda..just...driving me crazy for the moment and I guess imma go cool off now because my head hurts...if anybody can hep me out I ould really like that because idk...Xanthe is just something else and I wanna see her ending too ^^ tnx for reading this farhope I didnt waste * minutes of your precious time
have a nice day/evening!

PS: I completed Vicotria's rough with a bad ending and it still got me the friendship bracelts(cant spell)  on the first page and Im freaking out around my room XDDD this game is the best thing I have ever played!)

did you complete the other routes good and bad ending?

Asking for spoilers! If you haven't played the game yet, avoid this possible comment chain!

ok so I kinda suck at trying to get the best ending in visual novels but I want to finish the story with one of the characters I like. I always second guess my choices so if anyone is willing, can you give me a guide to the good endings of each route?

it’s really simple for all of them, just pick the good choices and it’s easy to see which one is the good one. Except for Xanthe hers is different when her choices come up just wait and don’t press anything. If your looking for specific answers to which choices than maybe somebody else could provide a guide but it’s easy without one. 


So...I did download the game for free first, guilty as charged but I enjoyed it so much that I went back to at least buy the artbook.  Man, for a free game this was really good. I don't even enjoy dating sims much but I find myself going back to finish all the routes. My favorite's Victoria, probably cos the chemistry between her and Jaylene is just *chef's kiss. That and I like the drama.

Anyways, looking forward to your next game!

Ps: Just to ask, are those ending posters in the artbook too? I haven't checked it all since I haven't finished the game yet.

I'm pretty sure yes, they are in there, if not tell me so I could put it in.

Hey man, I found them! Those posters are a really good pay off for finishing the routes. I really love those. Maybe I'll hang some copies on my wall, who knows?

Thanks again! preesh


Really good. :)

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